​​​​​And for our Other Group Meditations

"Always a great experience meditating. You are so wonderful and my daughter Alex is very enthusiastic about meditation too and is inviting her friends to join us. Thank you Lorin for the opportunity to meditate with these wonderful people and for deepen my practice in meditation, which has been the best I could have to reach out for the real place I always searched inside of myself. THANK YOU AND BLESSINGS!"


"An amazing experience: relaxing, enriching, enlightening.  Thank you so much for another amazing event, Lorin.  A great spiritual enriching experience in a group of great people, excellently organized by Lorin."


"I find peace and insight from my time in meditation with you.  I feel blessed that you are in my life and come out west every week for our group. Thanks for your many kindnesses to me."
     ~Mary Ann

"I think it is a wonderful experience...the warmth and atmosphere was wonderful. Thank you."


"So necessary.. Loved it!"


"Amazing. Calm quiet and compassionate.  Thanks Lorin!  I am ever grateful for your wisdom and meditation! Looking forward to the next session :)  With Appreciation"


"My first time. What an experience"


Ancient.   Authentic.   Comprehensive.   Proven.   Guaranteed.

Praise for our Meditation on the Beach

“Awesome …beautiful”  

“Nice intro”   

“It's a special gift.”   

“Great… Love it”  

"The blessings and love to meditate with this group fills my heart with bliss, love, and harmony."


“I loved last night's session. Meditation! The best medicine ever!”  

“Loved it! Thank you! See you next week!”  


“I loved it. I've never done anything like that before and it was wonderful.”  


“Really wonderful… Just what I needed after a long, stressful day! ….I'll be back next week!”  


“A unique vibration not available anywhere else…  As close to 'perfection' as a harmonious merging of energy allows. Weather was ideal, participants were joyous and Lorin was the guide we all dream of meeting.“  


“It was lovely! Lorin is a beautiful person inside and out! Her sweet beach-abode makes for the perfect spot. I fully enjoyed myself!”  


“Dear Lorin, You are such a bright star and have such a beautiful energetic nature. Thank you for making the space for this community to come together and coalesce. The exchange after our meditation was exactly the authentic conversation I am seeking with like-spirited people.”


"I absolutely love the meditation sessions I've been going to every Wednesday. Honestly I'm pretty open minded and I find that my gut reaction tells me what feels good to me.  So far the experiences every Wednesday night have been amazing and I plan to continue with you all as long as my schedule can allow it. I've been needing this for quite some time after some uncomfortable events. I believe I was led to find a group like yours and it happened on the first go round!  That doesn't always happen." 


"I didn't get to thank you for last Wednesday/s meditation but it was another great one!!  Thank you for your guidance :)"*

"It was an amazing experience"


"Wonderful. Friendly. Easy. Welcoming. Superb guided meditation for newbies or experienced meditators. Highly recommended."




"AWESOME experience, enlightening, relaxing and wonderful! I'm a new to this, though I totally enjoyed being there and Lorin was excellent!!! Will be going back again!"


"Was great meditation session, despite the threats of the weather declining"



I have offered some testimonials herein not to boast, but to support.  I can easily offer you these testimonials for two reasons.

1) Because I am fully aware that it is not me who has received these endorsements, but the wisdom of these techniques itself.  It is just my job to allow these teachings to flow through me.  The true power is in them, not in me.

2) Because I unequivocally know how committed I am to ensuring that my students have as successful and meaningful an experience with these teachings as I have had.  It matters greatly to me whether they have an experienced, effective and committed instructor. Whenever I miss out on the opportunity to share these powerful tools with potential students, I truly feel saddened by it.  I feel like I’ve failed to help them make one of the very best decisions of their lives.

This is why I share the the comments below.  I bow to all of my students and am humbled by their kindness and their commitment to mastering these powerful life changing techniques in order to transform their lives into everything they are meant to be.

Praise for Our Instruction and Courses

"Hi Lorin, just wanted to take a second and say thank you! Your experience shared is immeasurable and certainly life changing. Your flow of thoughts put into words is truly heart felt and obviously coming from a deep, loving, caring place within you filled with joy and peace. I am so grateful for your introduction of my PSM. My decades long meditation practice has taken on exciting new experiences, healing and growth with the introduction of PSM and the Sutras. I very much look forward to the Seduction of Silence sometime next year. Thanks again, see you in the gap, love Jeff"
                  ~Jeff, Mahwah, NJ

 "When Lorin arrived at my door for a personal yoga class (in the Chopra Centre’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga style), I have to admit I was feeling a little apprehensive, unsure of what to expect. I never would have believed that in just over an hour, I would experience such a powerful, positive shift in my mind and body. Not only did Lorin make me feel completely relaxed and comfortable while doing the poses, I came away feeling calm, clear-headed and centered. She encouraged and supported me in a way that was very reassuring for a yoga-rookie like me. Lorin is a dedicated, highly trained yoga teacher who walks her talk and I feel so fortunate to have experienced her calming and compassionate presence. She is a gift to the yoga world!"
                  ~Hellen, Oakville, ON

"Hi Lorin, Just to say hi ... and to tell you how I SO much love my meditations. At the end of each I feel deep gratitude for those who have come before (after/during!) and especially gratitude to you, for finding you, and for your ability to pass on the teachings to me in such a wonderful way. I am feeling so much more settled and peaceful, and know that this direction is my way to go:) So Thank You Lorin! Love and Light, Suzanne"
                   ~Suzanne, Mississauga, ON

 "It's hard to put into words how much taking the Advanced Meditation class with you has meant to me. It surpassed my expectations (& I was already expecting a lot) , deepening my PSM practice & adding a whole other dimension to my spiritual practice. I'm looking forward to continuing my life journey with the sutras travelling with me."

                   ~Deb, Georgetown, ON

"I had two miscarriages, followed by a family and health issue, which brought so much negativity in me. The first session with Lorin, I came home and my husband thought someone new returned home. As for a whole year, I was only in my mind. The first night after my PSM practice, I woke up with so much gratitude and I felt so connected to myself. I guess that is what they call "Mind/Body/Soul" together."

I get answers during mediation which guide me to live my life. After a week, I started noticing that I got connected to my true self and values which I had left somewhere during my life journey. Positiveness has been evolving all the time.

Lorin also sent me a document of 7-day mental diet. I have applied that to myself and it’s working quiet well. I know this is a lifelong commitment for me now, I recommend Lorin so much and I love her from bottom of my heart."

                   ~Sanjita, Richmond Hill, ON

“ ..the essence of all of these changes in my life is  h a p p i n e s s and I have been able to harness the source of happiness much more with the primordial sound.  Lately, the sound beckons me as much as I beckon it.”
                   ~Sara, Coral Springs, FL

"Things seem to be changing quite a bit in my life right now. It's funny because most of the changes are occurring in the areas that I was concerned about, so I definitely feel like I'm becoming more aligned with the Universe. I do want to continue to explore spirituality, since I find that it has brought a lot of benefit to my life. Thanks, again, for your help in answering all my questions!"
                   ~Manjit, Mississauga, ON

“I definitely notice a change in my life and my thought patterns and I even sleep better. The other day someone came up to me and told me I have a sparkle in my eye! And I feel as though I owe it all to you and PSM. I have this feeling of inner peace and joy. And I feel joy for no specific reason- something I remember you saying. :) I even have my friends meditating now so they must have noticed how much of a difference it has made in my life. Thank you very much for introducing me to this practice! I am so grateful to have learned and be practicing meditation now when I am young so I can continue to practice for the rest of my life! If I have had such a change in less than a month, I can't wait to see where I’ll be in a few months, a year.”

                   ~Megan, Burlington, ON

“My practice is still going well & has been helping me deal with the stresses the universe has thrown my way. It's become a regular staple in my life & I'm very grateful for that. Thank you for introducing me to PSM.”

                   ~Debbie, Georgetown, ON

"My practice is good, it really keeps centered and I really try to do 20 min every day in the afternoon. I've been finding peace and feeling more centered the more I meditate. I'm so grateful to you for teaching me the practice of meditation. It's one of those things that I just sink right into. I find what I get out of it is tremendous! My husband and I meditate together sometimes too. It's changed my life and helped me in so many ways. I consider you not only a dear friend but someone I look to for advice or direction."
                   ~ Nada, Thunder Bay, ON

"My meditation practice is still going strong. I am still meditating morning and night and I think that I'm starting to feel calmer. I have not missed a day since you taught me this practice. I also think as stupid as it sounds I am becoming more friendly. I am a true believer and I swear by it for well-being."

                   ~ Greg, Toronto, ON

“Thank you so much for your guidance through meditation this past weekend --- I really do feel the benefits of these initial trial days and strongly believe what you have taught us will in fact change our lives positively.”

                   ~Teal, Oakville, ON

"Thank YOU Lorin! It was lovely to be a student in your class. I smiled all the way home and look forward to the next class. The Chopra Center is lucky to have you!"
                   ~Suzanne, Mississauga, ON

"I have been practicing meditation on a daily basis since and absolutely love it!! So grateful for our connection!! <3
                   ~ Lina, Hamilton, ON

"I keep meditating twice a day and loving every minute of it."
                   ~ Nieves, Toronto, ON

 "I find it amazing how aware I’m becoming of things...that I say and do."
                   ~Chris, Stouffville, ON

“WOW, I can't believe it's been 21days???...All is well with my meditation practice. Because I have been on so many airplanes over the past 3 weeks, meditation on the plane has become quite the ritual for me. It’s such a great place to do it. I wear ear plugs and put my phone on vibrate to alert me after 30 min.”
                   ~Jesse, Toronto, ON